Fusion studio fuels up your business with energy.

Fusion studio fuels up your business with energy.

When fire meets water, steam will be born, but that’s only because they’re one against each other. What if the fire fusions the water and fight together against the problem?

Fusion is the definition of singularity in a group. Fusioned under the same goal: deliver best, when not expected.

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Make up your mind

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Tivo logo opener

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Branding, Illustration


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Food photography

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Ads, Branding

Amazon brand store

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Color authoring

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MSI Vigor GK40

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Capra noastra

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Branding, Illustration

Satele Unite ale Balcanilor

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Branding, Web Development

Dr. Mihail

A fusion between 2 different worlds

Creative & Precise Science

When fusioning a stable energy with a fluid one, you will always find multiple ways to succeed. Fusion is a process that puts together the like-minds of the industry. A culture of singularity, but togetherness.



From branding to a social media post, to a huge banner or complex app designs. We got all your design needs covered.

• Visual Identity

• UX/UI concepts

• Digital design and packaging

• Creative campaigns concept

• Products and image retouch

• Colour changing of products

• Illustrations and icons


Web Development.

From building a standard e-commerce website to building automatic interfaces. From developing an iOS app to an Android one. We cover a wide variety of other web dev. services, but for more, contact us.

• Presentation website

• E-commerce website

• Android/ iOS apps

• Website optimization

• Web maintenance (punctual or monthly)


Creative & Marketing.

Customized solutions in order to deliver maximum efficiency. We are using creative ways to engage customers and communities, in order to set a lower click cost and to create a meaningful experience for your audience.

• Market analysis/ competitors

• Brand analysis and strategy

• Online communication strategy

• Digital content

• Online presence management

• Communication and sales materials


Studio production.

What would be a business without a cool promoting video or a nice product image. We cover all sorts of Production: from editing, to fixing small issues, to creating a whole concept.

• Editorial photography

• Product photography

• Product video

• Products and image retouch

• Video production and editing

• 3D projections

• 3D made products and models

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